‘Oldest Surviving Websites’

Jackie Chan’s autobiography (1998)

CNN Time Warner 1996 Year in Review

NCAR About Temperature (1995)

Internet 1996 World Exposition

A Little History of the World Wide Web (1995)

The Best Page in the Universe 1998

Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches (1994)

Fragment of Tim Berners-Lee world wide web pages on Cern’s servers (1992)

Thank you to the Daily Telegraph and Steve G

9 comments to ‘Oldest Surviving Websites’

  • David Turner

    No mention of the Space Jam site?

  • Chris Hughes

    Not forgetting…

  • Nigel

    Interesting finds – especially the BBC 1997 one! I wonder if that is deliberate or just forgotten?

    My own 1997 website is (WAS!) still there to this day. I word that awkwardly because on visiting the links today I notice the free hosting and servers must have been sold to another company with a new domain (originally Lycos). Though some of the pages and graphics are extant the content is pretty much overrun by adverts, pop-ups and pictures of women who want to befriend me (never knew I was so much in demand!)

    Ah well, the currently updated site is now on my own domain so safe!

  • pajh

    Sometimes, particularly when I get depressed, I get nostalgic for the 90s. Thank you for this post: it was exactly what I needed this evening. I laughed like an idiot.

  • Chris

    You’re very welcome, Paul

  • Conor


    you’ve got mail……


    ah the 1990s.

  • Chris

    That’s super (un)cool, Conor, thank you

  • Carson

    No links to where these sites are still up?

  • Chris

    Sorry about that Carson – I’ve added in the links.

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