The Jokers, 1959

“Bruce Davidson’s 1959 project Brooklyn Gang is an intimate photographic study of a rebellious Brooklyn teenage gang, who called themselves The Jokers. Not only is Davidson’s work a sincere portrayal of troubled teenagers coming of age, but it also acts as a documentation of teenage life during 1950s, exposing the emotional climate of that time period and exposing the dark side of a supposedly innocent time period”

- Wikipedia


Thank you to Vonalina and to Michael McKean

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12 comments to The Jokers, 1959

  • Nicole Verity

    This is NOT your Mother’s ‘Laverne & Shirley’!

  • Jenny Jacoby

    I adore these. What wonderful moments, presumably all taken in between singing about Summer Nights and being Stranded at the Drive-In.

  • Jemima

    I really want this book - but it’s going for the rather out of my league price of £657.77 on amazon. Maybe not then. Thanks for posting such wonderful pictures though!

  • Jez Kay

    Love the main shot. V much time traveller. Same as the comics!

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  • Katie Honey

    Interesting there seem to be girls in the gang. And it was around this period that the word teenager was coined

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  • snorpheus

    Speaking of the retro-ness of these images, I love the graininess. It’s one of those things that I’ve forgotten about with digital images where it’s “noise” and not “grain”. Davidson’s angle of the shot really accentuates the energy of the people he’s shooting. Love this old stuff!

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  • looks like the jokers i knew,hung out on the parkside,tough guys,Michel john,tony vivelo,etc.beat the shit out of me on Bartel prichard square one summer night,hit me with a 2×4

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