2,000 year old computer in Lego

“We don’t give people credit for how smart they were 2024 years ago. There were other mechanical devices as well, referenced in ancient books. Machines dispensed holy water in temples: you’d put a coin in a box and it would move a series of levers to dole out water, like a vending machine.”

- Andrew Carol


Thank you to Fast Company

5 comments to 2,000 year old computer in Lego

  • Hardpunk

    Awesome! I had heard about this ancient engine but to see it transformed into Lego was just brilliant. Wish I could get the plans I’d build one myself.

    The Retronaut delivers another gem into my life. Thank you.

  • It is The Retronaut’s pleasure

  • VonsterVon

    you’ve done it again Retronaut and blown my tiny mind. I don’t fully understand all of this but it’s incredible.

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  • Malcolm

    That’s not a computer by any reasonable definition — more of a mechanical calendar. Still impressive, just a little misleading.

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