“Hitler’s Stealth Bomber”

Replica Horten Ho 2-29 reconstructed from blueprints.

“The Horten Ho 229 was a late-World War II Nazi German prototype fighter/bomber. It was the first pure flying wing powered by a jet engine and designed to be more difficult to detect with radar - the first aircraft to incorporate what is now known as stealth technology.

- Wikipedia


Images (c) Arthur Bentely / Linda Reynolds / Flying Wing films

Thank you to the Daily Mail

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  • Lee

    I hate to admit it, but that’s a beautiful looking machine.

  • CharlesH.

    At first I thought this was another fantasy uber-advanced nazi aircraft like the haunebu… until I found pictures of the surviving real one!

  • Roy

    I’ve read about the Nazis exploration into jet power. To see this photo is…kind of creepy - as the design is so close (if not the same) to the current stealth.

  • Jeff

    Don’t forget, a lot of the scientists who developed these sorts of things like the V-2 were being compelled to do it, so don’t necessarily hate the plane. A lot of these guys came to work for us after 1945.

  • Russel

    I’m guessing that this was hard to fly without vertical flight surfaces. I know that the stealth bomber has to be flown with the assistance computer just because it flew like a wadded up piece of paper.

  • P

    “came to work” or “were forced to work”?

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