1910 AD imagines 2024 AD

Villemard, 1910
Chromolithograph Paris, BNF, Estampes


Thank you to Paleo-future

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  • Nick Rutter

    I don’t know; where did it all go wrong, eh? ;-)

  • Jeff Rients

    The one with the horse on the stage is just killing me. “In the bizarro world of the year 2024 humans will sing duets… with HORSES!” *audience gasps*

  • Mike Frazer

    Well, they correctly predicted Steampunk…..

  • Thomas Arbs

    To think that, while we still build houses and clean bathrooms with the power of our hands, they correctly predicted the tank battles of WW1 by not 90 but only 4 years - scary.

    (Otherwise, why this obsession with flying, if you already realize that problems like traffic jams will persist, even in mid-air?)

  • godofredus

    Status of women doesn’t change at all at all

  • Reggie Gray

    How wonderfully mundane! Most of this stuff was between-the-wars at the latest… although the motorised skates feel strangely contemporary.

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