Screen Sirens, 1920s

Clara Bow

Bebe Daniels

Lillian Gish

Barbara Kent

Bessie Love

Pina Menichelli

Pola Negri

Anita Page

Mary Pickford

Gloria Swanson

Lilyan Tashman

Alice White

Thank you to Maggie and Charissa (below)

13 comments to Screen Sirens, 1920s

  • bobgeo

    Many lovelies, but Bessie Love and Lillian Gish look like borderline jail bait.

  • Matt

    No Theda Bara?

  • Mike Frazer

    No Louise Brooks ?

  • Phil

    Louise Brooks wasn’t really a star. She is now, obviously. Theda Bara definitely was though

  • Phil

    Colleen Moore, Norma Talmadge, Greta Garbo, and Janet Gaynor too!

  • Charissa

    Lovely photos! That isn’t Nita Naldi though, it’s Italian actress Pina Menichelli. You can see by a Google image search for “Pina Menichelli”:

  • Joy

    The fabulous Miss Gloria Swanson!

    I had the honor of meeting Lillian Gish in 1972. She was still beautiful.

  • Maggie

    Beautiful, but #6 is Italian actress Pina Menichelli, not Nita Naldi as the caption says.

  • Modokiel

    Where is Louise Brooks? Serious Failure

  • Kate

    I second Phil. As much as attention as Louise Brooks receives now, she really wasn’t an “a-lister” during this time period.

    I think the one notable omission here is Alla Nazimova.

  • ScottP

    And not a tattoo in sight…

  • Jinx

    Theda Bara was a smoldering beauty. Marion Davies, while a comedic actress, was also quite lovely (As was Lucille Ball, a blonde goddess before going red!) Tallulah Bankhead was quite an elegant woman with a long career.

    And never forget Josephine Baker! She was an AMAZING woman!

  • Baska

    I had never heard of Barbara Kent, so I looked her up on imdb…she is reported to have retired near Sun Valley, ID and will be 105 this December! She had a pretty short career and has refused all interview requests in subsequent years, so that probably accounts for why I never heard of her. Interesting.

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