The History of Social Networking

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11 comments to The History of Social Networking

  • aNo_nym

    The End? Sure? ;)

  • christophe

    “Early web browsers” in 1978?

    As far as I know, the first web browser was in 1990.

  • Yamara

    AOL had instant messaging as part of its service since its pre-launch. I know, as I used it back in 1987.

    The 20th Century part of this “history” is mighty buggy.

  • John Dalziel

    ’78 to ’94 seems like a bit of a jump to me. I don’t see how you could miss out ‘The Well’, founded in 1985 by Stewart Brand and Larry Brilliant.

  • Zhlob from Ukraine

    Vkontakte social network is very popular in former USSR republics.

  • Eric Riback

    christophe is correct. The World Wide Web was created in 1990. Also, I don;t see geocities as having been social networking; it was just one of the early ways to create a free web page.

  • Jodi

    One omission that was pretty important to me was Qlink, or Quantum Link - I was on the internet in 1985. Here is the wikipedia article on it, and as you can see by the screenshot of the menu, the whole thing was based around “People Connection”. I met people from all over the world there.

  • James McBride

    This is fantastic, I forgot all about Friendster and just logged into my old profile there. It’s like a time capsule!

  • Jonny Nowhere

    What? No livejournal? Bah!

  • oldie

    Also IRC was totally skipped.. since 1988, still working just as it should.

  • Aiwe

    Geocities was early social networking in it’s original intention of neighborhoods. I remember making my first geocities site and being greeted by my neighbor and introduced to various community building “block” BBS, the content councils and such things. When Geocities was small, it was very social. It was only in it’s later years that the community aspects were scrapped and it just became a webhost.

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