Skeleton of a Centaur

‘Although Skulls Unlimited generally articulates species that actually exist, we are sometimes asked to create custom skeletal mounts, such as this Centaur, created using the torso of a real human skeleton and melding it with the body of a horse’

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  • JES

    Love it, but the question is, is this a viable skeleton for a centaur? I know- nitpicking– but I’d love to see what a centaur’s skeleton (actually, the whole structure) would have to be like to support such a being. And yes, I want one of these.

  • Lee

    To answer you question Jes
    from a biological perspective one would expect the Mythological Centaur to appear quite differently. As a singular entity the creature would not require two set of rib cages (mammals generally do not exhibit more than one set of lungs), so you may expect to see a more elongated and thinner human torso (possibly exhibiting large accessory muscles to aid in air exchange). Of course one would also expect the spine to have a greater arc, as opposed to the abrupt deviation that is present. Of course for the creature to exist outside of myth and legend, it would greatly loose it’s appeal as an elegant creature, and would most likely be likened to the stuff of nightmares

  • Nick

    I was just thinking that a centaur skeleton would have to have a much more substantial support around the forelegs, almost having two pelvises in order to support a human torso.

  • J

    It’s a mythical creature. It can have as many rib cages, pelvises and intestines as it needs to have. Centaurs have nothing to do with reason or logic. In fact, centaur will run in panic at the slightest mention of logic.

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