If Star Wars was real


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13 comments to If Star Wars was real

  • jufjo

    Who made these?

  • Nigel

    Very clever artistry here - but - I don’t actually “like” it :-( I feel a bit guilty about this because it’s obviously very well done and someone has spent hours on it… However the idea of a modern device traveling back in time to do battle elsewhere is, of course, rather magnificent!

  • The main curator is If Star Wars Was Real, though there may well be other contributors

  • Amy Adams

    My reaction was like Nigel’s…sort of: No, don’t do this. Not with real pictures. Clever, though.

  • Dave

    If Star Wars WERE real.

  • JOHN

    just poor taste!

  • Ben

    I can understand why this could be considered to be bad taste, but personally I think these are amazing!

  • wan

    i think some of these are incredibly similar to machines such as tanks and first jet designs that were designed during ww2. very well done….on some of them.

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  • JC

    Well, I like it because it seems to give the message: if Star Wars was real, why don’t we see things like this in all these old pictures. The point is that if this kind of technology is existent on other planets and they are traveling the universe, why don’t they show up… even when we were in wagons (to stretch it further)? It obviously isn’t real, which is why they are so far fetched.

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