Vintage Air Hostesses

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    9 comments to Vintage Air Hostesses

    • Duck Bharma

      That’s what I’m talking about!

    • Wayne

      in pic #6, does one of the women on the scaffolding have a clear globe on her head? it appears that there is a reflection that is in front of her head so it isn’t just something in the background

    • Mike N.

      Yes she does! Have a look at the Braniff Airlines video on this site. Explains all.

    • Dano

      I know some of those PSA girls. That’s Debbie Roel in photo #2 and #8 (the blonde). I went to Crawford High School in San Diego with a whole host of PSA/USAir hostesses.

    • Barbara

      Thanks Charlie, I really enjoyed these, as I got older and traveled more on airlines I cme to the conclusion that hostess gals on the planes are glorified waiters. I probably still would have had a great time, but then I wouldn’t have met Van. Fate I guess

    • cro

      I like to call them sky waitresses! Sad thing is because they’re all unionized, these are probably the same girls still flying today! I mean when was the last time you saw a stewardess under the age of 40? The only young ones appear to be all gay guys.

    • Quizmasterchris

      You get a lot of PSA flights in your neck of the woods, cro? Is there any posting about any topic that any person can make on the internet without one of my fellow Americans turning it into an attack on unions and/or a living wage? Your corporate overlords thank you for your uncompensated fealty.

    • elise

      this is probaably the only instance where womens clothing gets less slutty over time. look at how short they’re skirts were!

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