Vintage Ventriloquist Dummies

Thank you to Flickr’s Vintage Ventriloquism group

25 comments to Vintage Ventriloquist Dummies

  • John Greenaway

    Scary as fuck.

  • Jimmy A

    I now need to sign up for a lifetime of therapy.

  • Jimmy A

    By the way it’s illuminating to see Lord Sugar in his younger days in the second photo. The “Wild West” look went down well on the consumer electronics circuit back in the early 80s I am told.

  • Emily

    absolutely terrifying

  • Carol.Herman

    Do I see Obama’s real birth certificate up there?

    Ah, and no Lamb Chop.

  • Carol.Herman

    Oh, in “lifelong” therapy, as soon as you start to feel good, you ask the shrink for a refunds.

  • Vinnie Bartilucci


    Hoowdy Doody (2nd pic) is a marionette, not a vent dummy. And Buffalo Bob was no ventriloquist.

  • CharlesH.

    My goodness…. the earlier ones must’ve been made creepy on purpose. Nice to see Lon Chaney and a young Fred Allen though.

  • Phoebe

    anyone else amused by the Evangelist Ventriloquist? it has a nice ring to it.

  • Stevo

    Great pictures! Remember, the figgers were made for stage use in their time, not for photo sessions. Vent routines were very different then, too.

  • babbington

    photo #3 was used in a Monty Python animation.

  • Pete Mossman

    what the heck were these folk smokin”.
    feed the need to see more then move to aus”truckin”falia and meet em on the streets
    makes the muppets look .. “no it doesn’t even do that……….just woke up sweating, omg.

  • sparkplug54

    Really wish there were captions for these. I’d like to know who they were. Ventriloquists have always amazed me. Sometimes I have trouble talking even WITH moving my lips.

  • karen

    dunno about the dummies but the ventriloquist in photo #1 is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny

    What the hell is that on the 3rd picture! Oh my god, that’s the type of thing I used to check under my bed for! :O

  • gavin


  • Robert Brown

    Did anyone notice the “arrest record” dated Feb.31st, 1924? ARE there 31 days in February?

  • nikki

    That’s cool, I didn’t need to sleep for the next week anyways…

  • Jinx

    Need to add Mortimer Snerd and Edgar Bergen! And Lambchop. Props to the pros!

    And yes, those papier mache’ ones are creeeeeeppeeeeee!!!!!!

  • Louise Partain

    Creepy to the max! Were these puppets supposed to be used around children? Were some of them treated like children? Candise Bergen said Charlie was.

  • Peter

    Most of the people who made these dummies had actually never seen real humans before. Give them a break.

  • David

    Number 3 scares me the most. He looks like something that would crawl through your bedroom window in the middle of the night, stab you multiple times, then drag your bloody corpse to the kitchen and cook you into a big meat pie.

  • Kerry

    Picture N0.1 Such a creepy dummy,with such a handsome master,beautiful hands,too.Who was he and when was he around?

  • Matt

    Confirms my theory that it is actually impossible to create a ventriloquist dummy that doesn’t make you want to invent a time machine so that you can go back and prevent yourself from ever having looked at it.

  • Erik Eblana

    On the Evangelist & Mrs. Bishop Photo -Which one of the guys is Timmy?

    Scary stuff indeed!

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