New York Panoramas 1902-1913

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    New York City, 1900

    Boat Club Parade, Harlem River, 1902

    The Curb Market, 1902

    The ghetto, 1902

    The Mall, Central Park, 1902

    Manhattan Beach, 1902

    New York skyline, 1902

    The Sunday Parade, Fifth Avenue, 1902

    The Terrace, Central Park, 1902

    Luna Park, 1903

    Morris Park Race Track, 1903

    Aston House, 1905

    Coney Island, 1907

    Herald Square, 1907

    The Lusitania, 1907

    Madison Square, 1907

    New York, West Side, Downtown, 1907

    New York City, 1908

    Grant’s Tomb and Riverside Drive, 1909

    Polo Grounds, 1910

    Park Row and City Hall Park, 1911

    New York from Brooklyn Heights, 1912

    Columbus Circus, 1913

    New York from Brooklyn, 1913




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    9 comments to New York Panoramas 1902-1913

    • Yknot

      May I ask where you found these? They are Wonderful, like many of your finds! Please feel free to post here or DM me on Twitter. Thanks!

    • Ellen

      These are fantastic! BTW, I think “Columbus Circus” should be “Columbus Circle”…?

    • B-Balls

      Amazing collection of photos. thanks for sharing

    • Chris

      Hi Yknot. They are all housed in the Library of Congress.

    • James

      Hi Chris - would just like to reiterate Yknot’s request in more general terms - could you be persuaded to cite your sources on every post i.e. who holds the images, if it’s images, where (organization and any links), copyright details and (because links die) the precise date you sourced something?

      There are, so often, fantastic things to follow up from your site but it can take hours to track some items down. For example, “housed in the Library of Congress” *probably* means to be found in one of the LoC’s enormous online photographic archive, which, to those who know it, *probably* means that the images are available there at hi-res and under a Creative Commons licence. But digging images out of that archive isn’t straightforward: LoC hunts can take ages and the search facilities aren’t always up to the best modern standards.

      If you could see your way to adding a short citation paragraph at the bottom of your posts, it would be the final polish on a superb and much-loved site.

    • John Simpson

      I agree with James.

    • Chris

      Thanks for your comment, James. HTBAR is very deliberately stripped down to provide extremely minimal text information, and adding in the information fields you mention would disrupt that approach. We are always happy to give detailed information to anybody who asks for it.

      In this particular instance, the images were sent to us with only the note that they were held by the Library of Congress, hence my comment. To find the images at the Library of Congress site, search for ‘New York panorama’ on the Digital Collections section of the Library of Congress.

    • Brent Eades

      Hello Chris,

      I’m very much with the others on the topic of citing sources for your wonderful finds. I appreciate your preference for a clean and simple design, but a lack of sources equals a lack of essential context, to me at least.

      Even a brief citation at the end of each post would be most useful. In the example above something as terse as “Source: Digital Collections section of the Library of Congress” would be unobtrusive enough.

    • James

      Thanks very much for getting back on this Chris - much appreciated, and I do see what you mean about the design implications very much.

      Would a “Citations” page, perhaps hidden away beneath “Consulting” and “Privacy Policy”, which would contain, in date/posting order, whatever info you have in your possession about each post, be a possible compromise? That way the detail-fetishists like myself who want to chase off in pursuit can do so, but the integrity of the site’s overall appearance is undisturbed.

      Anyway, thanks again -

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