‘New Banking’, Tomorrow’s World, 1969

Thank you to the BBC

6 comments to ‘New Banking’, Tomorrow’s World, 1969

  • David

    Very interesting. Thank you. Also, that computer had a really creepy voice.

  • Bruno

    Really cool. One of the predictions that came true almost like it was predicted. We have our cards, “identification code”, and a machine that uses the telephone network to send the payment to the bank.

  • pim

    I think they forgot to mention how with the New Banking bankers will be able to get wealthy by creating gigantic debts over their customers’ shoulders, and then getting free capital from the state.

  • Jinx

    Lucky kids, no more standing in line, swinging on that velvet rope….

  • John

    I work in a shop and I am sick of idiots wanting to pay a couple of pounds on a card.What is wrong with people? Surely everyone carries even just a small amount with them?

  • Liutgard

    John, carrying cash carries risks of it’s own. If I get mugged, my ATM card is useless without me to provide the PIN. All of my cash will be gone. And frankly, being able to say truthfully “Sorry, I don’t carry cash” makes it easier to turn down a panhandler in the parking lot at the grocery.

    (Yes, I live in a large city. How could you tell?)

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