Retronautic WTF III

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  • Jim

    Hi Chris, This really is a fantastic collection. At first I thought it was something to waste your time with for 5 minutes but the more I looked the more I looked. Its facinating and very, very well done.

    I do have a complaint though – I have lots of work to do and your website is far too distracting.

    I don’t know how I got here but I’m not leaving!



  • Chris

    Thanks Jim! Hope you continue to enjoy your retronautic travel.

  • Max

    I think that the first picture was a promo or a kind of representation of Murder in the Rue Morgue by E.A.Poe!

  • Sandra

    A great collection! I love the bee. :)

  • George

    More phots of the Lake Delton Wonder Spot:


  • Al

    Ah The Wonder Spot, you will be missed :)

  • Chris

    Seems the human race has always been a bit eccentric.

    A Great set of WTF!

  • TDK

    Regarding the photo 3rd from last showing two men in white tights and black shorts. The one on the left looks very like Max Wall, a British comedian who was popular in the 1920-30s, fell out of favour but enjoyed a revival in the 1950-70s.

    It’s not just the look. His act included some silly walking which is reminiscent of the photo. You can see YouTube video’s of this walk and Google images shows you how he looked.

  • Robert Brown

    What was up with the hayfield in Janesville, Wisconsin? I don’t get it…..

  • Home Fancy

    What do you mean, Robert? That’s how they do things there. Obviously. ;)

  • Dynamitrios

    We came a long way… got to love humanity and it s curiousness… thanks for sharing these bizarre, yet heartwarming pics… Greetings from Greece

  • KAOS

    But when did Max Wall start wearing his hair like that? It seems an early photograph. If you look at him in younger days, he looked nothing like that and was even a handsome man.

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