Colour photographs of Edwardians

Thank you to Lisby

9 comments to Colour photographs of Edwardians

  • Sam

    Stunning photos, almost like they were taken yesterday.

  • Kurvitasch

    Beautiful images, the composition as if for an oil painting. Looks idyllic but the war was waiting which is so sad. Still we wouldn’t be here without them :0) thanks for posting a great set, more please?

  • Jennifer

    Absolutely beautiful! More, please! I agree!

  • Abigail Rogers

    Wow, this is so cool! It makes those times seem closer, as Sam said, like they were taken yesterday. Sometimes black and white distances you from the subjects, makes them look less “real”.

  • maría

    Amazing. We’re so used to black and white from that time that seeing colour photographs is quite a revelation. They weren’t ghosts! They were real people and the bricks were real bricks and the grass was real grass…

  • Dave Elchoness

    I would love to see these in Tagwhat once we launch our publishing platform. You could walk by the place where these were shot and see a story with them pop up on your mobile. I’d love it if you’d take a look at us and see what you think.

  • bas

    I do not think they are color pictures but colored pictures, they have the distinct hard edge of all that is material that we know from b/w pictures.

    Look real good to the difference between b/w and real color images, you will see that real color images are much softer at the edges of faces and other materials.

    Nowadays there are plugins like colorizer that easy do the job of making a wonderful looking colored b/w picture:

  • Chris

    Hi Bas - these are original colour pictures.

  • Honza BéDé

    Sorry, but funny mistake: snap “Couple in the Garten” is from 1921, it isn’t in England, but in Bohemia (Czech Republic today). That guy is actally Edvard Beneš, future czechoslovak president (shortly before and after the WW II) So not Edwardian, but Edvard:)

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