Evolution of the Map of Africa

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  • 1554 Sebastian Münster

    1584 Abraham Ortelius

    1644 Willem Janszoon Blaeu,

    1710 Herman Moll

    1737 Johann Matthias Hase

    1787 Jean-Baptiste Louis Clouet

    1805 John Cary

    1851 John Tallis

    1852 Victor Levasseur

    1856 J Andriveau-Goujon

    1880 Eugène Andriveau-Goujon,

    North Africa

    1552 Sebastian Münster

    1670 Olfer Dapper

    1700 Pierre Mortier

    1814 John Pinkerton

    1851 John Tallis

    Central, East and West Africa

    1603 Abraham Ortelius

    1730 Guillaume de L’Isle

    1813 John Pinkerton

    1828 Adrien Hubert Brué

    1860s A. Fullarton & Co.

    South Africa

    1541 Martin Waldseemüller

    1561 Giralamo Ruscelli

    1635 Willem Janszoon Blaeu

    1719 Henri Abraham Chatelain

    1804 Johann Christoph Matthias Reinecke

    1860s Heinrich Kiepert

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    7 comments to Evolution of the Map of Africa

    • Nick

      Now:View Larger Map

    • con perspectiva

      te faltaría poner algo sobre el mapa de peters o una comparativa más real. algo más actual. hoy en día sabemos que todos esos mapas tenian una perspectiva desde el norte y eurocentrista, que hacia africa y sudamerica mas pequeñas.

    • Lee Rusch

      Thanks; what a great collection!

    • Fripp

      Willem Janszoon Blaeu,Genius…

    • Jean MALEY

      Dear, I like very much all your maps of Africa because I work
      on the palaeoenvironments of North tropical Africa, particularly of Chad basin during Holocene times, and almost the last millenium where there are some “historical” data. Your serie of maps is not complete - two older are important (but other exist again !) are here missing, the Fra Mauro map, ca. 1450 AD and the Ibn Said map (13nd c AD, see D.Lange, 1980) I can send you mail/copies.
      If you can read french I can send you some published papers (give me an e-mail to send /.pdf) and presently I have an important manuscrit quite ready for publication on the Sahel during the last 3 millenia, People and Climates (in collaboration with an archaeologist).
      Meileures salutations, Jean Maley

    • Yehia

      what about the maps of the Muslims? e.g. Muhammad al-Idrisi:

    • Eve

      Ja pierdole! Wypas, że na chuja wskocz i nie złaź.

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