Vintage Train Wrecks

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    7 comments to Vintage Train Wrecks

    • Chris

      Fairly unfortunate timing for this post given the Chinese train accident today…

    • paul

      If you are going to bring us on a time machine ride, please tell us where we are going. (Say what we are looking at (credit))

    • Chris

      Unfortunately, I don’t have a source for any of these images, Paul

    • drew

      Hey Paul, how’s about ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ next time? Otherwise you can go start your own site;)

    • Geoff

      A diner near me has the second pic framed in it’s waiting room.

    • Stéphane

      The second pic is a famous one in France. You can get it in the souvenirs shops. This train wreck occured in Montparnasse station (Paris) in 1895. I’ve found a wiki link (in french) if u want :

    • AnneM

      Hate it when that happens….

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