Steampunk Leather Masks


All masks by Bob Bassett

7 comments to Steampunk Leather Masks

  • Spitale

    Phenomenal. Exceptional detail put into these. My only questions: do they work and where can I get one?

  • Tori Lennox

    I love steampunk stuff and these certainly fit the bill. But on the other hand, they are seriously creepy! :)

  • Brent Eades

    Hello Chris,

    While I find steampunk stuff interesting, I can go to about a zillion other sites to find it. I don’t really see how it fits here on the Retronaut.

    Steampunk is not “the past”, which is what I come here to find more about. It’s fictional artifacts of the past as imagined by clever and creative young people. But “the past” it ain’t.

    Kind regards.

  • J Caza

    Seriously, I’m with Spitale, where can I get some? These are amazing masks.

  • Maggie Pie

    I WANT!!! As a burlesque performer and fellow designer/craftsperson I am absolutely floored at your collection! I am literally drooling on my keyboard! I am very interested to know if these were one-offs or if you would make one of them again… Please email me with a link to your website proper or an idea of costs. I am swooning!

  • Lee

    Some of those look kinky. Others look like what the Nazi dude had on in Hellboy.

  • Yahn

    Don’t worry about the Retronaut elitists. These are fabulous. Also wanting one. How to buy?

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