Colour photocroms of Venice, 1890s

All images: LoC Photochrom Print Collection

13 comments to Colour photocroms of Venice, 1890s

  • Louise

    What’s especially nice is that there are no cars all over the place.

  • Devlicious

    From what i remember that’s still true today… In the heart of the city there are no cars allowed… ;)

  • Graeme

    Have you actually been to Venice? The reason you don’t see cars is that there are no roads! You can only travel on foot or by boat . . .

    Great pics - have seen nearly all of the sights shown over our last six visits to the island. Expensive, but worth every penny. :-)

  • Annette Fitzjohn

    La Serrimissima! ahhhhhh. So beautiful even in 1890. Even more beautiful now they have Nutta Crepes!

  • Charlie Thomason

    Wow. It’s sad that so beautiful a place may not be around for much longer. Venice is far and away the most breathtaking place I have ever been.

  • abu

    It is always fascinating to realize how little the city has changed in more than a century.

    Just change people’s clothes, put some motorboats in the canals and some sparse neon lights over the shops, and those photos could have been taken today - that’s just the buildings anyway, as the city life is just a hollow memorabilia of what it was up until the 60s.

  • Marian Fortunati

    Very nice!!! Venezia is such a beautiful city!

  • kc

    These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Shuyin

    After playing Assassin’s Creed 2 i recognize some of the landmarks. Games can be pretty effective travel guides :) )

  • Kieran

    These pictures are beautiful, but why did you have to use such awful lightbox code? The “expand” function expands the box beyond the boundaries of the browser window, so you have to scroll, sometimes both horizontally and vertically, to find the controls.

  • Kieran

    It’s interesting how the technique makes them all look like Impressionist paintings…

  • NicktheLick

    Funny how I recognise several of those places from playing Tomb Raider 2! =OD

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