How to Win at Space Invaders c.1982

‘While programming the game, Nishikado discovered that the processor was able to render the alien graphics faster the fewer were on screen. Rather than design the game to compensate for the speed increase, he decided to keep it as a challenging gameplay mechanic.’

- Wikipedia

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4 comments to How to Win at Space Invaders c.1982

  • Jodi

    I was an expert at this game! The score only went up to 999,999 then would start over. I rolled the score over 9 times one day, and my brother reset the game.

  • Malcolm

    Retronaut seems to be posting more and more videos lately. Which is nice. But, sadly, the links are set with autoplay=1, which is definitely not nice. In feed readers, most of which fetch content a little bit ahead of time, a video starts playing, usually with sound, out of control of the user before they’re even viewing the post. Google Reader, particularly demonstrates this problem.

    Please let me, the user, control when sounds and video start playing in my browser. Autoplay=0 is your friend,

  • Chris

    Thanks Malcolm, and I am sorry that videos were set to autoplay. We have now turned this off.

  • Ellen

    My record was rolling over 8x. I had to quit because everyone was complaining. Once you have the pattern down you could almost play it with your eyes closed.

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