Abandoned Pod City

‘Sanzhi Pod City was a set of abandoned pod-shaped buildings in Sanzhi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

‘Construction began in 1978.  They were intended as a vacation resort and were marketed towards U.S. military officers coming from their East Asian postings. The project was abandoned in 1980 due to investment losses.

‘Demolition of the site began in December 2024.’


Images by Cypherone

16 comments to Abandoned Pod City

  • Terry

    It’s much cooler without the over photoshoped images. Can we please stop overshoping?

  • Rich

    No place so extraordinary it can’t be made a bit rubbish by some nasty HDR.

  • Iain

    ^ LOL’d at the above comment

  • Malc

    As a photographer, I detest HDR.

  • fatima

    ^hear hear!

  • Jamie

    Lots of non-HDR pics of the same place here:

    Also see the Futuro group:

  • cc

    How sad is it that such neat buildings must be demolished? I wish I could buy them and live in Pod City! …and be a pod person. :)

  • Greg

    I was in Taiwan last year and I’m sad to report these have been completely demolished and removed.

  • Lzi

    Ive been seeing these a lot on the net of late.. I dont know how true this is, but apparently there were a whole bunch of mysterious deaths connected with its construction.. Probably bogus, but fun stories either way!

  • natalia paiva

    How sad. =/

  • Lauren

    It may be photo-edited or w.e. but it’s still pretty depressing. I think these are beautiful and i think they are great for dorms or little one-person places. It’s too bad. =/

  • Steve

    Who cares about the HDR (it has it’s place) – I love this pics for their subject matter. Seriously would love to have lived here.

  • Kathleen Waters

    Why were they unsuccessful?

  • Kappa

    So it was just sitting there for almost 30 years…and then someone decides let’s demolish it all

    what a freaking waste.

    no doubt some generic hotel spa will be built

  • Jeri

    I’m with you Steve. What a fascinating piece of history…

  • Terry

    The government was going to buy these little buildings and let the poor stay there at no charge.

    They were to be called the ‘Stay Free Mini-Pods’

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