Lesbian Pulp Fiction 1935-1958

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9 comments to Lesbian Pulp Fiction 1935-1958

  • Fuzzyman

    Did anyone notice that the cover for “Warped” is a reversed and modified version of the one for “From Other Women”? Or vice-versa, depending on which came first.

  • hellraizer77

    U r absolutely rite!!!! How I wish I could read these books!!!!These r absolutely awesome especially “Warped”,”Anything Goes” and “The dark side of Venus”.Any idea how to get these books?

  • Jimmy A

    Retronauts craving a revival of the genre could do worse than:


    Don’t ask me how this was brought to my attention.

  • Sarah

    I was surprised to not see any of the The Beebo Brinker Chronicles or Satan Was a Lesbian.

  • Fuzzyman

    I did a little research…

    “I am a Woman” is a part of a series of books in which Beebo Brinker plays a part, if not the main one.

    Some of the books (Meg, I am a Woman, probably others) are available on Amazon as $1 Kindle titles. I’m curious to find out what these books were really like.

    Theodora Keogh, author of Meg, was the grandaughter of Teddy Roosevelt. The book is supposed to contain some autobiographical elements.


  • phil_agap

    I dont have any of those above, but found 15 ebooks of the same type and era in mobi and epub formats:
    A collection of 15 classic Lesbian pulps from the early days, plus a Sapphic bonus. Contains the following:
    Beebo Brinker Chronicles 1 - Odd Girl Out - Ann Bannon
    Beebo Brinker Chronicles 2 - I Am A Woman - Ann Bannon
    Beebo Brinker Chronicles 3 - Women In The Shadows - Ann Bannon
    Beebo Brinker Chronicles 4 - Journey To A Woman - Ann Bannon
    Queer Patterns - Lilyan Brock
    Strange Sisters - Fletcher Flora
    Three Women - March Hastings
    Girls Dormitory - Orrie Hitt
    The Lion House - Marjorie Lee
    The Price Of Salt - Claire Morgan
    Spring Fire - Vin Packer
    Chris - Randy Salem
    One Hundred Lyrics - Sappho
    Odd Girl - Artemis Smith
    The Girls In 3-B - Valerie Taylor
    Womens Barracks - Tereska Torres
    epub & mobi format
    Code: Select All

  • Ken Armstrong

    I want to read ‘Prison Girl V Female Convict’

    …please? :)

  • marumaru

    This is probably a long shot, but…
    Does anyone have the slightest idea who the photographer responsible for the cover of “Spring Fire” might be?
    I must admit, I was smitten by this picture.

  • Kathleen the Great

    That “Lion House” cover, if it were a photo, would be much like a modern fashion editorial.

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