Colourized America, 1862-1923

Virginia, 1862 - Staff of Fitz John Porter, General of the Union Army during the Civil War. General Custer is reclining next to the dog.

Aqua Spring, Virginia, 1863 - Captain JW Forsyth in front of a cargo of bread for the army

Lewis Thornton Powell (1844 - 1865) aka Lewis Payne, one of four people sentenced to hang for conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln

John Lorimer Worden (1818 - 1897), U.S. admiral in the American Civil War.

1902 - Young woman smoking while reclining on sofa

1905 - Prisoners

1905 - Native American

1905 - Chestnut stand

1906 - George P. Wetmore, Republican Governor of Rhode Island (1885-1887) with his wife

Washington, 1915 - 'The Birth of the American Flag'

1915 - Dick O'Brien and Bud Baker, two students who spent five months touring 10,000 miles to the West Coast

Washington DC, 1918

1921 - Mary Texanna Loomis, the first woman to head a U.S. radio school

Joseph Gurney Cannon (right) (1836 - 1926) aka 'Uncle Joe Cannon', Illinois Congressman and Republican Party leader, with Michigan legistalor Brennan Vicente. Cannon's peculiar way of speaking, short stature and belligerence defined his speaking style.


Washington, 1923 - Randolph-Macon against Gallaudet

Thank you t0 iBytes and Jack Gavigan

Original images from Library of Congress via Shorpy

5 comments to Colourized America, 1862-1923

  • John Simpson

    When were these colourised?

  • Jones

    Outstanding- especially the Civil War era photos

  • Lincoln Adams

    I would have liked to have seen the originals shown along with the colorized versions just to compare and contrast. Amazing how in many of the photos the people looked relaxed, even smiling. Typically photos from these eras always depicted people with stern frowns.

  • Joseph McAllister

    For the most part, they are over colored. A CW Soldiers blue tunic never looked that blue straight from the tailors. I’ve seen almost all of these images in B&W, most from Shorpy. I know it’s difficult to be lenient with the colors, however, for realism, you must.

    I still appreciate the website.

  • bob

    For a blast from the past, try this: go to Google images and put in “autochrome”. Autochrome was one of the earliest color processes.

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