Umrao Singh Sher-Gil

“Umrao Singh Sher-Gil (above, with daughter Amrita) was a Sanskrit and Persian scholar, fascinated by astronomy, loved carpentry and calligraphy, practised Yoga, and had an abiding passion for photography.

The remarkable photographs that Umrao Singh took over sixty years, beginning 1889, include autochromes (almost unknown in India then) and stereographic photographs.”

- from “Umrao Singh Sher-Gil : His Misery and His Manuscript” (Pheonix 2024)

Self portrait 1904

Indira and Amrita 1924


Thank you very much to Ami Dang.

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2 comments to Umrao Singh Sher-Gil

  • Janet E Davis

    Great photos.
    Took me a few moments to see that the top photo looked so odd because it is a photo-collage. Different elements are lit from different directions or lack shadows, causing visual dissonance.

  • Scott

    I wonder if the painting on the wall in the top photo is one of Amrita’s? She too was a highly accomplished artist in her own right - Tate Modern in London did a retrospective on her work some years ago - but died aged only 28 in 1941 (reportedly following a botched abortion).

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