The “first colour video”

“This is the earliest surviving colour videotape recording - Dwight Eisenhower’s inaugural address to WRC-TV on 22nd May 1958. USA started broadcasting colour in late 1953 and colour TV sets were available to the public in 1954 at an expensive price. Colour videotaping began in USA in 1958″

- Old TV History


Thank you very much to Old TV History and Russel Tarr.

3 comments to The “first colour video”

  • Lady Crafthole

    I love the moment when he presses the button :-)

  • Arthur Mathews

    The first colour tape I’d seen previous to this was Nixon and Kruschev (1959?). The clarity on a computer is not quite what it would be on TV, but still great to see this. I’d love to see more early colour video tape.

  • Mike

    I’m amazed at the sound quality.

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