Mike the Headless chicken

‘Mike the Headless Chicken (April 1945 – March 1947) was a chicken that lived for 18 months after his head had been mostly cut off. Thought by many to be a hoax, the bird was taken by his owner to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City to establish its authenticity.’

- Wikipedia

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8 comments to Mike the Headless chicken

  • isis

    wow that’s absolutely horrendous. I don’t know if to be sad or glad. It definitely weird.

  • Rosa

    If this is true I am sickened by the person responsible, humans can be truly disgusting in their treatment of animals.

  • Annie Deeley

    How absolutely sickening and cruel. What is the matter with these people?

  • SH


    Lighten up! This happened in the 40s. The bird in case had his head chopped off, but they missed much of his brain stem, which controls the respiratory system. Thus, he continued to live, being fed by syringe down his puke-hole.

    Check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_the_Headless_Chicken

    I enjoy weird and wonderful stories from the archives.

    Great photos too!


  • Sublue

    Very interesting! I agree, Sam, its merely a strange anomaly, and not a statement on chicken rights.

  • NotaTreeHugger

    Are you kidding me? The chicken had it’s head cut-off, it doesn’t know it’s rights are being violated. I can guarantee it was gunna be supper that night until it got up and started walking around. You weirdos should be happy they didn’t kill the thing. 2 years is quite a long life span for what should have been dinner. Heck, I bet it was none the wiser.

  • Maggie

    I’ve heard of Mike the Headless Chicken, but I’ve never seen pictures until now. It sure looks weird, that’s for sure. Poor thing.

  • Jim

    Sure this is disturbing but after reading the wiki story I find all the folks who tried to copy this feat the real issue.

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