Chicago Billboards, 1942

“This film produced by the outdoor advertising industry in the 1940s is a great slice of everyday history. It shows some classic product advertisements, vintage Chicago street scenes and antique vehicals. We also get an in depth story about how outdoor advertising works. This third part is in gorgeous color including some great footage of public transit.”

-MindSi Media


Thank you very much to Katie Nichols.

2 comments to Chicago Billboards, 1942

  • Old Georgetowner

    If you bother to think about it, it’s just amazing that city governments allowed these monstrous things to go up. Incredibly ugly, blighting neighborhood views, and by design a distraction to drivers.

    Where I live now, one of the leading billboard operators hemorrhages money into the bank accounts of city officials and their relatives. I wonder if it was like that then, back in Chicago? (No, I don’t really wonder.)

  • jufjo

    Except that back then they weren’t ugly.

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