David and Tina

Note from Jack Kerouac - front

‘When I started curating composer David Amram’s massive archive of papers there were many wonderful treasures I expected to find - a note from Jack Kerouac, a postcard from Langston Hughes, a misplaced poem from Gregory Corso.  

But there was one thing that came as a complete surprise:  Traces from Amram’s romance with actress Tina Louise, a few years before she would be iconically cast as Ginger on the television sit-com Gilligan’s Island.  It’s a coupling that truly triggers the retronaut’s imagination:  The New York bohemian and would-be Hollywood starlet straying from their respective communities to, for a little while at least, fall giddily in love.’

- Audrey Sprenger

Note from Jack Kerouac - back

Postcard from Langston Hughes - front

Postcard from Langston Hughes - back

Poem from Gregory Corso

David and Tina

Tina Louis

This capsule was curated by Audrey Sprenger

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