Captain America Propaganda Posters

Images by Olly Moss and Eric Tan

Thank you to Vintage Everyday

4 comments to Captain America Propaganda Posters

  • Kate

    Hi there! I just thought you might want to know that some recent change you’ve made has affected Google Reader. I can’t see any of your posts now… they come up blank.

  • Chris

    Thanks Kate.

    Some people have asked us to format the feed this way, because they found the number of pictures in their feed to much. Other people, like you, prefer to see the whole posts in their feed. We can currently only offer one version, so we are trialling the current format.

  • Matthew

    I also prefer the old method!

    Also, some of the Flash you have on the website (I think it’s that spinny ‘Global Retronauts’ bit) wipes out my computer, so reading the post in Google Reader is better for that reason too.

  • Holger

    To be true: If I must open a RSS-Post first, before I know, what’s inside, the Feed ist rapidly delete in my reader, because its useless.

    Even if its the faboules Retronaut.

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