Fibreboard Rockets & Sub

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  • This capsule was curated by László Nagy.

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    5 comments to Fibreboard Rockets & Sub

    • greg urbano

      these were the cool things in comic book ads that we all dreamed of

    • dave

      i had the rocket ship back in the brother and i put it together,the tricky part was the nose cone that had to be creased and folded many times to get the right shape..i can remember that but where are my keys????

    • Michael

      My brother and I got the submarine from “Santa” back in the mid-60s. We used to stage these elaborate (for us at the time)undersea battles with the couch. Like I’ve always said, cardboard makes the most fun.

    • scodav

      I had one of the rocket ships. It looked a lot less like its picture than the submarine does. Actually, I might have had a different model - mine certainly wasn’t “over six feet long”.

    • Brent Eades

      Oh my. I so very much remember that ‘Polaris Nuclear Sub’ ad from the back of a comic I bought around 1962, and wondering how, if I obtained such a wonderful thing, I could then transport it to my grandparents’ cottage and get it in the river.

      Thanks for that. A 50-year-old memory revived.

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