Vintage Recipes

All images from Brian Ballinger’s Kooky Cookery.


8 comments to Vintage Recipes

  • Toria

    Sprinkle with MSG???!!!!! Mind you it’s probably the tasiest thing on the plate…

  • CatM

    I usually LOVE old recipes, especially the really weird ones, I can’t wait to make those just to see how they would taste. But these all seem so AWFUL, like they’d all taste so bland or bitter. Bologna filled with peas? How flavorless could you possibly get? Not even salt or pepper to help it along.

  • C.H.

    Shades of the Gallery Of Regrettable Food… my goodness, I’ll never get used to the idea of using gelatine for *salads*. Fruit salads maybe, but green salad?

  • Jen Cowgill

    I have cookbooks of my mother’s filled with these foods that are trying to look like other foods, aspic delight. Makes you wonder how often these dishes were actually presented.

    MMMM beef and cabbage cubes! I was going to give some away to Goodwill maybe I should keep these gems if only for my own amusement.

    One could probably create a very interesting blog just trying out these recipes.

  • Mike Frazer

    That’s what I call Cordon Bleurrgghh !

  • Estelle

    I lived in America for a year in the early 90s, never got used to the jello salad thing. Violently coloured and even with marshmallows! With your dinner!

  • Wish

    For more of this, you have to visit the virtual king of retro food:

    It’s a must-see with humorous commentary to boot. The book is great as well. Never understood the jello salad although it is [slowly] making its way back into cooking vogue!

  • class factotum

    You laugh at tomato aspic, but it is a staple at bridal showers in the south. Some people like tripe. Some people like sweetbreads. Some people like tomato aspic.

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