Abandoned Academy, Maryland

‘On a Maryland hilltop, amongst thick forest and sprawling underwood sits the long disused campus of a once-illustrious private academy. Constructed between the years of 1898 and 1902, this campus sat upon some 300+ acres and contained many building finely cut and formed from the local granite supply. The school grounds were designed in a Beaux-Arts style, with heavy influences of Georgian architecture.

Though considered an upstanding institution, by 1942 dwindling enrollment forced the school to relocate back to it’s pre-1902 campus and facilities. In 1942 the campus was acquired for use as a US military training facility. The military base operated until 1976, graduating more than 500,000 recruits before it closed. For a time after the demilitarization the grounds had come to be utilized as a job training center. The center eventually closed in 1990, marking the end of service for the old school and grounds.’ 

- Rusty Tagliareni

Images 2-15 by Rusty Tagliareni

Thank you to Rusty Tagliareni

7 comments to Abandoned Academy, Maryland

  • jim


  • Edlin

    Where in Maryland is this?

  • qka

    And what names did it operate under?

  • Daneisha

    Amazing, but what a sad sight!

  • George

    About 1.5 miles north of the northernmost point of the District of Columbia is the old Forest Glen Annex of Walter Reed Army Medical Center (itself since closed). This had been a women’s school (junior college, more or less) and was commandeered by the army during WW II; the color pictures could certainly come from there. I was never inside any of them-my acquaintance with it came from running and driving through it. I thought that the annex continued some operations later than 1990-it seems to me that my brother went to a gym there in the mid-1990s, and that the commissary continued to operate.

    Some of it now is being developed. I suppose it must be noisy, as being close to the Washington Beltway and to railroad tracks that carry about two trains per hour. But it does have a lovely, wooded setting, with a path and a road on one side down to Rock Creek.

  • Brian

    Looks like it’s in Port Deposit, MD, at the Bainbridge Naval Training Center: http://www.abandoned-spaces.com/abandoned%20schools.html

  • Kait

    …………..Is that a dead bird in the picture marked ’21′? Somehow, that’s even sadder than the ruins themselves….


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