‘Abandoned’ Soviet Shuttle

‘After several years of rotting in the open air on docks in Tushino, this Buran shuttle will be restored, then demonstrated at the air show MAKS-2013.’

- English Russia



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  • Alan Bickerstaff

    Amazing pictures. It’s surprising how many people have never heard of the Buran (translates as snowstorm or blizzard). it was bigger than the Shuttle and had a bigger payload, plus could return a bigger load to Earth. Only one flew in space, controlled totally automatically - sadly that one was destroyed when it’s hanger collapsed in 2024. To test some, they basically strapped jet engines to the tail so they could take off from a runway. There is some film of it flying on the Energia website and Russianspaceweb.

  • Matt

    That was on show in Sydney about 10 years ago - I went to see it. It was scary just how analog and creaky it looked then in failry pristine condition

  • n00tch

    What’s so freaky about analog? Analog got us to the moon and back! :)

  • johnrey

    That’s not the Sydney airframe (that’s now beautifully preserved in a german museum, this is on of the test articles, there’s loads of info on these two sites!



    Kind regards


  • Matt

    @nOOtch - would you fly in it then? :-)

  • n00tch

    @Matt If it were restored, why not? I think it would be pretty damned amazing tbh!

  • Dave Carey


    Go to this site lots of pictures and an Article on the Machine now in Gorky park. It is now used as a coffee house

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