Abandoned British P.O.W. Camp

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10 comments to Abandoned British P.O.W. Camp

  • Katie

    so curious about #12!!!

  • Jenny

    Soo cool! really like these abandon places!! btw. anyone know about a place nin norway nearby Stavanger?

  • Les

    I have Murphy radio lust! Grew up with one of those beside my bed!

  • Lucy

    Where is this? Anyone know?

  • Margot

    Yes, where is this? Although I enjoy looking at the photos, I am constantly frustrated there is very little information provided with them. Someone needs to edit before posting.
    A context is needed.

  • qka

    Almost all of the pictures had electronics gear, the newspaper was from 1956. I think we are looking at the post-war use of this site that may have been a POW camp during the war.

  • Topper

    Looks like Harperley.

  • David

    Agree about No. 12 - what is in those packages!!

    And also that too many of the postings on this marvellous site don’t have sufficient contextual detail to really appreciate what we are looking at.

  • Robin

    I think one of the charms of this site is that you have to work out the context for yourself. There is a link to the source of these photos at the bottom of the pics - the photographer says the land is in private hands and he can’t reveal the location.

    Fascinating that the paper should be from the time of the Suez crisis, such a turning point in Britain’s history.

  • Chris

    Robin has got it exactly right.

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