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  • Amorgos Island, Greece (Image by Jimi Soflou)

    Batumi, Georgia (Image by Richard Bartz)

    Cairnbulg Point, United Kingdom (Image by Laird Turner)

    Fraser Island, Australia (Image by Draicone)

    Fuerteventura, Canary Islands (Image by Wollex)

    Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (Image by Hawkfish)

    Grytviken, South Georgia (Image by NOAA)

    Grytviken, South Georgia (Image by Serge Ouachee)

    Gytheio, Greece (Image by Justeline)

    Italy (Image by Klaus Leidorf)

    Lakonia Peloponissos, Greece (Image by Makis)

    Mar-del-Plata, Argentina (Image by Sea Raider)

    Oregon, United States (Matt Conwell)

    Oregon, United States (Image by Matt Conwell)

    Red Sea (Image by Joos J. Bakker)

    Tobermory, Ontario, Canada (Image by Alija Bos)

    Tromso, Norway (Image by Dive Norway)

    Truk Lagoon (Image by Ghostdot)

    Truk Lagoon, Micronesia (Ghostdot)

    Turks & Caicos – (Image by Ipwnnoobs)

    Unknown (Image by Darth)

    Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal (Image by Frank Zillmann)

    Woody Point, Redcliffe Peninsula, Australia (Image by Gorkath)

    Zakynthos, Greece (Image by To Gian)

    Images curated by Twisted Sifter

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    4 comments to Shipwrecks

    • richard

      Aral sea wrecks.
      Tsunami wrecks.
      I grew up in Cornwall, by a stretch of coastline claimed to have cost more lives than any other in world history (facts unchecked - let’s just say wrecks are part of the cultural landscape). One day a man came to my school with a bunch of what he called “wrecker’s lamps:” lanterns blacked out all around except for one side which had a long metal cone attached, so land authorities wouldn’t see you guiding ships onto the rocks.

    • LaBoiteVerte

      Hello, you might want to check the pictures of Edward Burtynsky on Shipwreks :

      He is more famous for his work on Oil and quarries but the ships are also cool …

    • Anthony Veitch

      Fragility indeed, the fifth picture is the creepiest for me. It has the scale of a lost world. That half a liner is what was left of SS America, little sister of SS United States, after she broke her tow lines in 1994. There is little left of her today.

      In contrast the bottom photo is the shipwreck that tourists are taken to in Zakynthos [Zante] - and the picture is taken from a viewing platform I really don’t ever want to stand on. The story is that this was a cigarette smuggling ship that ran aground. i have heard an alternative story that she was beached and wrecked to provide a colourful tourist day-trip. Gets the place noticed!

    • Bruce

      Wow!These are some awesome pics of Shipwrecks.I can’t think of stuff this good!Allot of this seems so fake.See ya.

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