Abandoned Buses, Lancashire, England

Thank you to Chen and Explorer62

6 comments to Abandoned Buses, Lancashire, England

  • Jason

    See images and info from when these buses were in their prime:


  • Sam

    Thousands of dollars in scrap iron just siting there. Someone could make some bucks and clean up a perfectly good field.

  • qka

    Not only scrap iron, but all those old radiators are mostly brass, and that is worth even more, and is much easier to strip from the hulks.

  • Vicki

    I agree with sam and qka… you do have to wonder why so much stuff is truly abandoned when good money could be made out of salvaging it…

  • Barto

    Can’t quite believe what I’m reading here.

    I love abandoned things like this. There’s a certain something about them, so see something left entirely untouched like this.

    Sure, someone could make some cash out of them and we clean up a field but I’ve seen plently, thousands, of perfectly good clean fields. This field however is unique.

    What next sell off stone henge for stone chippings, clean up a perfectly good field and make some quick money?

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