The Brixton Zebra

This picture shows a zebra-driven hackney cab travelling from Brixton towards Stockwell. The driver is Gustav Grais who ran a circus of zebras and baboons.

Tame Zebras were not unusual at the beginning of the twentieth century:


Thanks to Vonalina Cake and Urban 75.

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4 comments to The Brixton Zebra

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  • Radu

    Du coq à l’âne: contemporary yet imaginary Zebras show up near the People’s Palace in Bucharest -

  • AJ

    I adore zebras! They are such under-appreciated live works of art! Every one of those photos is given a fresh dimension by the pattern of the zebra! Hurraaay to zebras everywhere!

  • Von

    wow…really chuffed you took this one up…I love these images…I’ve even had dreams with zebras in!

    I wonder what other unusual forms of transportation there has been in history.

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