German Squadron’s Visit to the US, 1912

June 3, 1912: SMS Moltke at Hampton Roads, Virginia

‘SMS Moltke was the only German capital ship to ever visit the United States. On 11 May 1912 she left Kiel, accompanied by the light cruisers Stettin and Bremen, and arrived off Hampton Roads, Virginia, on 30 May 1912. After touring the East Coast for two weeks, she returned to Kiel on 24 June’

- Wikipedia

The Presidential yacht Mayflower with President William H. Taft embarked arriving at Hampton Roads to visit the German squadron.

President Taft in the motor launch from Mayflower about to board SMS Moltke.

When President Taft boarded the ship he said to Admiral Hubert von Reuber-Paschwitz, commander of the German Squadron "Admiral I'm glad to welcome you and have an opportunity of visiting the Moltke, one of the finest ships I've ever seen."

Rear Admiral Aaron Ward, U.S.N. commander of the 1st Battleship Division coming onboard SMS Moltke.

President Taft with Admiral Hubert von Reuber-Paschwitz during the Presidential inspection of SMS Moltke.

Prince Christian and Prince Henry XXXVIII of Reuss, both officers on SMS Moltke

President Taft departing SMS Moltke. After inspecting the Moltke President Taft sent Kaiser Wilhelm II a telegram; "I trust that those who so ably represent your efficient navy on this occasion may carry home with them some of the same pleasant and cordial recollections experienced by the officers of our ships while in your hospitable waters."

Admiral Hubert von Reuber-Paschwitz returning to SMS Moltke after visiting the Presidential Yacht Mayflower.

June 5, 1912: A delegation from SMS Moltke including Admiral Hubert von Reuber-Paschwitz pose with Rear Admiral Aaron Ward in front of the State, War and Navy building in Washington, D.C.

June 8, 1912: SMS Moltke fires a salute as the German ships depart Hampton Roads for New York.

June 9, 1912: SMS Moltke at New York.

The Mayor of New York's committee aboard SMS Moltke

All images from the Harris and Ewing Collection

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