ZX Spectrum Plus User Guide

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  • Lee

    Love the fact that a Nassi Sheidermann diagram appears several times through out the manual. Has a real programmers feel about it. You could almost image that the successful installation of one of these would make a person feel intelligent.

  • Mick

    I remember getting sent by the bloke in WHSmith to go and steal the keys off the one in John Menzies to mend his display model!

  • Ange

    My dad bought one of these when I was four and NOBODY had a computer. He was up until 4am playing hungry horace (pre-pac man). He designed a game for me to learn how to spell and mum was like “no other children are going to learn how to read and write on a computer – they’re too expensive and the tapes take ten minutes to load!” Dad would say “computers are the future and Ange needs to know how to use them to get a job in the future” Ah, 1985…

  • Andrew

    I love that these old computer user’s manual include information about how they work. It’s a comforting deviation from the modern practice of hiding the PCs internals from the user at all costs.

  • Andy

    I still have the books for the original spectrum as i had one in 1982 which be bought direct from sinclair.. one with grey keys instead of the later ones with blueish keys…

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