‘Radio Times’ 12th-18th November 1983

Thank you to Amanda Uren, The Pointless Museum and N. Fishwick

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  • Badbeard

    My parents’ first colour TV was a Ferguson TX. I had to get rid of it last year after nearly 20 years. The Ferguson VHS they bought is still going strong.

    They really don’t make them like they used to.

  • Jimmy A

    Fascinating snapshot of Britain in my youth – a much calmer place than 2011. Greatly amused by the lineup on the Paul Daniels Magic Show: “From Belgium: the topsy turvy dancer Pat Bradford. From South America: the sensational perch balancing of Orlando and Celina”. I am sure that felt dated even at the time.

  • The Hill Mouse

    Actually had to do a double take at 12. Are low energy bulbs really that old? I guess they must be.

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