“To Decrease Visibility”, 1919


Thank you to New York Public Library, Each Day a Flower and Alex Butterworth

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  • Nigel

    The perfect answer to all those slimming fads which burgeon during the New Year! Hopefully cheaper too!

  • elmsyrup

    Really not sure why anyone would want to decrease visibility of their legs. To look like your torso is floating above the beach?

  • Daniel Latinus

    @elmsyrup: IN 1919, for an adult woman to show her legs was probably pushing the boundaries of decent exposure.

  • Philip

    @elmsyrup: Plus, it’s a spoof of dazzle-ships camouflage, which was used on battleships during WWI to break up their profiles when seen from sea.

  • Becky

    @elmsyrup: Plus, it’s a joke, son.

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