French Postcards, WWI

Everywhere you go, my joyful thoughts go too

Accept, my dear, this loving tribute to your immense courage

When I hear the distant cannon thunder, a death knell sounds in the depths of my heart

To love a soldier: while you bravely serve the Motherland, your dear wife serves you and you alone

You may never make a big thing of it, but everyone can see just how brave you are

A French heart - French forever! German - never!

Vowing always to be possessed of the same strength of feeling, putting our two hearts under one banner

The soul of us, stolen away from this side of the border

Greetings from 'Poilu": I'll see you very soon, my loves, as each day we egde forward just a little bit further

Sister and Soldier: The Guardian Angel

Happy New Year and a toast to your health - a gentle smile, a sweet kiss

We are all walking on, called by the dawn, with a new smile we march forward

Carrying on the struggle for territories lost, our troops will find others ready to support them...

Defending the flag - this flag that means so much to the enemy, I will defend with my life

Happy New Year

A French Heart

On the front - the honour of France is not to be taken lightly

Carefully taking aim, the pair of us and our waiting bullets, so many of which will hit home

An honourable post - before the attack

Flowers of France - when you find them, think of Victory!

To Victory - our sailors in the Orient

France!... Alsace!... - The reunion

We can die in their defense, it won't make our victory any the lesser

Saluting the flag

In her pride, General Joffre, immortal France will shine in eternal glory

A letter to a defender of the Motherland

Now is the hour of the Marseillaise, of bold movement and attack

The French will be the victors!


Thank you to Pilllpat

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  • Doconicus

    After the war, progressive teachers from Germany infiltrated throughout France and began a program of victimization of the heroes of the war to prevent future war between nations. Unfortunately, Hitler knew this and was able to overrun France in a month. The French knew war was terrible, but didn’t understand that surrendering without a fight was worst.

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