Corner Portraits, by Irving Penn

Truman Capote

‘Irving Penn (1917 –  2009) was an American photographer known for his portraiture and fashion photography. He was among the first photographers to pose subjects against a simple grey or white backdrop. Expanding his austere studio surroundings, Penn constructed a set of upright angled backdrops, to form a stark, acute corner.’

- Wikipedia

Salvador Dali

Marlene Dietrich

Marcel Duchamp

Gypsy Rose Lee

Joe Louis

Georgia O'Keeffe

Mrs. William Rhinelander Stewart

Igor Stravinsky

Spencer Tracy

Duchess of Windsor

Ballet Society

Thank you to the Irving Penn foundation

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1 comment to Corner Portraits, by Irving Penn

  • Bill

    After seeing some of these a dozen times, it’s only just now that I noticed something: What’s with the strings on the floor? I find it hard to believe a photographer with Penn’s attention to detail would miss them, so are they deliberately placed there? I wonder what’s the story there?

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