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  • ‘Look at the picture and you see Albert Einstein. Walk across the room and he morphs into Marilyn Monroe. Aude Oliva, an associate professor of cognitive science at MIT, uses images like this one to study how our brains make sense of sight.’

    - Wired Magazine

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    6 comments to ALBERT / MARILYN

    • Morris Cody

      Wicked cool!

    • Phineas Craggins

      Well, that is very nice, but he is not in a room, he is on the Internet, so he is just Albert Einstein. (“Just” Albert Einstein??)

    • abhay r

      marilyn still looks like she has a moustache, though

    • Dermot Hunt

      What’s wierd is that if you look at it from the right (or rather, very, very wrong) distance, it sort of looks a bit like Margaret Thatcher.

      Anyway, there are ots of examples of this sort of thing over the years. My favourite is Salvador Dali’s snappily titled “Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea which at Twenty Meters becomes a Portrait of Abraham Lincoln”

    • Jim

      I had to squint to see Marilyn, but it’s an astonishing effect!

    • wurdnurd

      Oh yeah! If you squint and tilt your head back a bit, you can totally see it…

      Hm, just read what I wrote. I stand by it.

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