Typewriter Erotica c. 1920s

Warning: this post contains images of partial nudity

Images from Typewriter Museum

6 comments to Typewriter Erotica, 1920s

  • JohnL

    I love the cheeky “come on” look of the girl in the bottom picture!

  • swiss adam

    Warning-Partial nudity? Looks fairly full on nudity to me…

  • costanza

    well, no frontal nudity. sidal nudity.

  • HurrDerp

    Those are my women types.

    Why, God, why do we live in an era where females have to look like f**king sticks?

  • Imhotep

    This is natural beauty. Women take note.

  • Perdita

    Love these, the way they all interact with the typewriter like it’s a fetishised object.

    One gripe however- to do with the comments. First; two wrongs don’t make a right- insulting thin women (I am NOT one BTW) is equally nasty as insulting larger women. Additionally, what someone else regards as ‘natural beauty’ does not need to be patronisingly instructed to be ‘noted’ by women (or ‘fellow human beings’, of equal status, not there for ANYONE to boss around, as we are otherwise known).

    …I thought part of the amusement in this was the outdated nature of the ‘compliant secretary’. I think the ironic humour has been lost on some and they think this is what women should aspire to (status wise, I mean).

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