Disneyland Map, 1962

This image is zoomable. See the icons in the bottom right-hand corner.

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  • Jim Manning

    This couldn’t date from 1962, it had to be much later than that. The Haunted Mansion didn’t open until August of 1969 and the Pirates of the Caribbean dated from March of 1967. I’m sure a real Disney buff could probably pin down the date a bit more accurately. I just happened to grow up near D-Land in the 1960′s and remember a few watershed ride openings.

  • Klaus Chadman

    Jim, what you say is correct, but if you look at the legend, (which is a little confusing, since it has colors and symbols) an “X” represents future developments, and all of New Orleans Square including Pirates and the Haunted Mansion are marked with an “X.”

    I find it funny to see Holidayland on here, that’s an attraction I’ve only heard about. From the looks of it on this map it’s no wonder it’s no longer around. Also, I never knew there was a gold course at the Disneyland Hotel. I imagine it’s no longer around, right?

  • Klaus Chadman

    Also, I think it’s funny to see almost everything has a sponsor. “Richfield Autopia, General Dynamics Submarine Voyage, Carnation Plaza Gardens.” One that always cracks me up though is the House of the Future. Also it’s cool to see what was there before the Grand Canyon and Primeveal World dioramas. Well, not really see, but what it says is there.

  • TheJBW

    Interesting to see how “Liberty Street” and “Edison Square”, two never-built lands show up on this map as “future developments”

  • Dean

    There’s a 1962 copyright date in the lower left corner.

  • Ginny

    These maps were “living” pieces of art as they used to add or change the original piece of work as the property changed. My father was the long running illustrator for Disney World map and he had the same board for over 20 years. He even placed himself in the map!

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