American Restaurants, Cafes and Diners, 1950s and 1960s

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  • John D

    I so very much wish actual time-travel was possible, I would so love to trip back into time and visit some of these diners. They seem so much better than the Wendy’s, Burger Kings, MacDs, etc of today.

    Thanks for an awesome site, I visit often for my dose of virtual time-travel :)

  • Estelle

    Gosh, I do love these.

  • qka

    Makes you wonder how many of these are still standing, let alone still in business.

    The Brown Derby is a Hollywood icon. The others, well I’d guess the smaller the town, the more likely they are still around.

  • Joy

    Hody’s on Hollywood Blvd was a highlight of my 50s childhood.

  • Red Bunny

    I wish I could get a lunch for $1 and a dinner for $1.50 at Fjords Smorg-ette.

  • Speedmaster

    Some VERY cool stuff in there! ;-)

  • Tut

    My favorite; the red, white, & blue roofed drive-in. Scariest; the damn Hody’s clown.

  • Tom

    The Hody’s clown will haunt my dreams

  • Nicola

    So many US diners these days are designed to look retro that half of these look like they could have been taken yesterday, not 50-60 years ago!

  • Vanessa

    I’d Love to travel back to the 50s and 60s maybe I can open a Diner in 2012 that looks like <3

  • Tracy

    Frost Diner is still here! Warrenton VA! 24 hours open!

  • Judy

    Now I’m homesick. Again.

  • stranger

    yep frost diner still alive and kicking….only thing that seems to have changed is the sign in front….that building has not changed! that place is quite the legend

  • whiteray

    Two of these – the Country Kitchen and Kay’s Motel Cafe – were within three blocks of each other in my hometown of St. Cloud, Minnesota. When I was a kid – I was born in 1953 – we’d go to Kay’s for a treat after a school play or concert. It’s long gone, with the cafe replaced by a Burger King and the motel replaced by a self-storage unit. I also spent many evenings on college coffee dates at the Country Kitchen. The building is still standing, but it’s now a restaurant called the Copper Lantern. My 89-year-old mother and I had lunch there last week.

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