Apollo Moon Landing Site Panoramas

These images are zoomable. See the icons in the bottom right-hand corner.


Thank you to the Lunar and Planetary Institute

5 comments to Apollo Moon Landing Site Panoramas

  • sulfide

    All i have to say is where are the transformers?

  • Jonathan

    No matter how many times I see pictures like these, the thought of going to the moon sends a tingle down my spine.

    As a child I had a book about the Apollo missions and I used to read it and imagine the silence and the darkness. Recently I watched “In the shadow of the moon” and I thought it was excellent. It comes with my recommendation.

  • Rob

    question, if the bright object in the middle is the sun, why are the shadows pointing in incorrect directions?

  • Ray Martin

    @Rob - I don’t wish to be rude but please learn a little about light and shadows before bringing that nonsense here. Seriously. Start here http://www.clavius.org/trrnshdow.html

  • Ruth Fanshaw

    @Rob - I think it’s ‘cos it’s a panorama - it goes right round 360º to where it started, you can see the shadow of the spaceship and the tracks in the dust again at the other side. :)

    Took me a minute or two to figure it out as well. :)

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