Falcon Motorcyles

‘Falcon Motorcycles are a collection of ten, one-of-a-kind motorcycles, never to be repeated. Each Falcon moving forward in the collection of ten, will be designed and built around the engine of an iconic pre- or post-war British motorcycle with racing pedigree. Only one Falcon will be built per year.’

- Falcon Motorcyles

The first Concept 10 machine, the Bullet Falcon was built from the frame and engine of a 1950 triumph Thunderbird (the bike Marlon Brando rode in The Wild One), the Bullet took over 1000 hours to create.

The second of Falcon’s Concept Ten collection is an evolutionary leap from the Bullet. With the exception of a few critical pieces, everything – including the frame, girder front forks, gas and oil tanks, exhausts, handlebars, levers, even the cylinders – was fabricated in-house

All images c/o Falcon Motorcycles

Thank you to Dr. Martha Hawes

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