Replica Shackleton Whisky

‘Three crates of Mackinlay’s whisky and two more of brandy were recovered last year from beneath the floor of the hut, where they had been abandoned by the unsuccessful British expedition to the South Pole in 1907-09.

‘One case was taken to New Zealand to be carefully thawed at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, and three of its bottles were later flown to Scotland.

‘Now Richard Paterson, master blender at White & Mackay, which own the Mackinlay’s brand, has painstakingly recreated the original.

The Glasgow-based distillery plans to produce 50,000 bottles of Shackleton’s whisky at £100 a time, with 5 per cent of the sale price going to New Zealand’s Antarctic Heritage Trust, which recovered the hoard.’

- Daily Telegraph

This capsule was curated by Jimmy Anderson


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